Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your products manufactured and assembled?

All of our products are manufactured and assembled, in our factories located in Taichung, Taiwan.

Can the toolsets be modified to match the sizes or types needed by my target market?

Clients are welcome to contact us, look through our catalog of bits, sockets, alternator and automotive manufactured tools to customize a kit that they feel is suitable for them and their customers needs.

Do you accept ideas from outside inventors?

Yes! We sometimes incorporate ideas from outside inventors in our production lines. If you have a tool design that you have patented, and you are currently seeking a company to begin the manufacturing process. We can work with you through the stages of design, development, & manufacturing. With Jeoutay's years of manufacturing experience & ISO9001 approval, we can ensure high-quality production of your design.

What kind of tools does Jeoutay Industrial Company manufacture?

Here at Jeoutay Industrial, we manufacture a wide range of tools. Including Impact sockets, Screwdriver bits, Drill and Router bits, and Special automotive tools.

Where are you able to export to?

United States, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Jordan, U.A.E., Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, Italy,Canada, Argentina, Mexico,New Zealand, Australia, etc.